Sunday, April 1, 2012

CMW: Final Thought

Toronto-based band Final Thought made its appearance for the first time at CMW this year and I interviewed the band’s frontman Dustin Dopsa. He describes their music as “pop-rock that punches you in the f*ckin teeth.”
Dopsa, along with band mates Brandon Hawthorne (bass) and Tom Watson (drums), have been together as a band for around three years now and are going strong. After releasing a full length album back in November, titled What We Need, the guys have been performing in shows across Canada, trying to get their music heard.
They had actually planned on performing in last year’s CMW, but it didn’t quite work out.
“We’ve tried a couple times. Last year we had a showcase and were pretty much ready to go with it, but a couple of technical things didn’t work out, so yeah we’ve been trying for a couple of years,” said Dopsa. “So it’s exciting to finally be a part of it because it’s the biggest thing Toronto has for music other than North by Northeast (NXNE). We’re definitely stoked to be on the long list of bands that are here this week.”
Dopsa, currently a Ryerson student, told me about his song-writing process and how the city influences their music.
“I was living in Pitman [residence] last year at Ryerson, and there was a music room with a piano, so I would spend a lot of time in there, since I didn’t bring my instruments with me. And I ended up doing a lot of song-writing in there. A couple of the songs that made it onto the album were actually written in there, so I guess the city does influence my music a lot.”
Dopsa even described one of his most monumental experiences: playing a private showcase for legendary Gene Simmons. He gave them great advice that would set in later as the band continued growing. Since then, they’ve been working on more music and videos.
Check out their video for “Tell All Your Friends”

If you want to hear more from Final Thought, check out their website and follow them on Twitter (@final_thought)

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