Monday, April 2, 2012

CMW: T. Mills

During CMW, I also got the chance to interview T. Mills and write an article for Faze Magazine. Click the screenshot of it below and it'll take you to the article:

He is such a cool guy. I got to chat with him before his performance on New.Music.Live.

So near the end of my interview, I also did some quick-fire questions -- here are his answers:

Describe your perfect meal: "Spicy chicken sandwich with bacon, no tomatoes, and avocado. And pepper jack cheese."
Best birthday present ever received? "MacBook Pro."
First thing you notice in a girl? "Teeth."
If you could have any superpower? "Flight or invisibility."
Favourite tattoo? "My knuckles; they say patience."
If you could design your own pair of Vans, what would they look like? "Gold, solid gold, if that’s possible."
And click the video below to see his go-to dance move:

T. Mills is going to be busy with touring this year as well as releasing more videos to YouTube, so stay up to date with his crazy life through Twitter @ilovetmills and Facebook (

- Christina
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