Sunday, April 1, 2012

CMW: David Blair

Who would have thought that one day I’d be watching David Blair’s “We Are Canucks” YouTube video and later that same day I would be in the same Toronto subway car as the Vancouver musician. Talk about serendipity.
Coming to Toronto for his seventh year attending Canadian Music Week, he was excited to be a part of it once again. He performed at the Library Bar on March 21 and it was his second year showcasing. We chatted about his CMW experience and he gave insight into his music career journey.
He committed to music in 2006 and has been performing original music and entertaining people since then. And being classically trained in piano since the age of three, Blair's music has evolved into indie-pop. He describes it as "Jason Mraz meets Maroon 5."
His album, Things Left Unsaid, was released in 2009 and he has been working on more music and travelling for shows across North America.
Blair even made it onto this year's Canada's Got Talent in the audition round, but unfortunately his tape was not shown on television (he did get some exclusive footage from his experience that he'll be posting eventually!). So why did he try out for the show?
"The only purpose of a musician is to share their music. When we spend time and effort to write something we want people to hear and want to share - our thoughts and feelings we hope connect to people - the one thing we all want more than anything else is a connection to as many fans as possible, as many people as possible."
And not only is Blair a musician, but he also an active athlete, not a combination that you come across often. He was always into sports in high school and now participates in triathlons.
In the meantime, he will continue writing songs, producing YouTube videos, and performing shows. Be sure to check out his website!
Here is his infamous "We Are Canucks" video I mentioned earlier:
Also check out his most recent video:
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