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Charli XCX @ Osheaga 2012

Kicking off Osheaga this year was UK artist Charli XCX and I got the chance to chat with her after her awesome, high-energy set on the Mountain Stage at the festival. She brought her unique sound to Montreal and the crowd was loving it.

Here's a screenshot of the article I wrote for Faze Magazine:

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For anyone who hasn't heard her music's one of her hits, "Nuclear Seasons"

Check out a bit of my interview with Charli XCX!

You just performed, kicking off the festival – what was that like?

That was pretty weird. I didn’t even know until I was up on stage. And then I was like, wait, everyone has just woken up. It was amazing though. The crowds here are so much cooler, seriously. Everyone is so happy and just wants to have a good time. I feel like sometimes in the UK people are just judging everything and are a bit afraid to get into it. But yeah, it was really cool and I had a great time.

For people who haven’t heard your music yet, how would you describe it?

I’d say it’s grunge-princessy darkness with a magical overtone. It’s very black and mystical; hip-hop drums over gothic grunginess, that’s what I’d say.

I love your unique style - How do you bring together music and fashion?

I’m all for bringing together music and fashion just because I feel like myself as an artist came from a very fashion-y scene. I came from doing warehouse raves, which was all about how you looked, probably more so than music. And for me, I feel that’s not accurate for me, I’m all about the music. But I want to bring a good style. And these days to survive you need to have that. My thing at the moment is Buffalo shoes, platforms, that’s what I’m all about. So for me, grungy gangster princess, that’s where I’m at I suppose.

You toured with Santigold earlier this year, how was that?

It was amazing. She is really great live and just really on it. I’m all for strong female people in music. I think every girl should be. I’m all for girl power and she’s definitely got that vibe and she’s in control of everything she does. I like people who are control freaks because that means they’re good at their job. We got to play to some really really great crowds and it was cool. And her dancers are sick.

And now you’re touring with Coldplay, how is that going?

It’s going really well, it’s amazing. It’s such an honor to be playing with them and it’s just so weird in a childish way. I feel like a pop princess because I’m on a f*cking huge stage with screens and everything and this is literally my dream. Oh and I met Chris Martin on a flight by accident and I was just so uncool. First of all, I really like rap music so I used to really want to be a rapper, but I told him that my main goal in life was to be a rapper and I was just like what am I saying? Then I went on to invite him to his own after party. I was like yeah so we’re doing an after party in Chicago, maybe you want to come. And he’s like wait, it’s my show. And it was so embarrassing. That was not cool. But I feel like he thought I was endearing. But yeah, other than that, the tour is amazing.

Who are some of your favourite rappers?

When I was younger, I used to really want to be Eminem. And I really like Uffie as well. But I don’t want to be a rapper anymore though. I just try to bring this – I would never call it rap because that would be offensive to people who actually do rap – but I bring my own spoken word shit into my music because I love that lazy style. And I do want to keep elements of hip-hop in my music and blend it with this super darkness.

You mentioned girl power, so who are some female artists you look up to?

I’m really inspired by people like Bjork and Kate Bush. And Gwen Stefani, she’s f*cking genius and so amazing on stage, she’s got such a presence. I’m all down for girls who are just doing their thing and don’t feel like they have to try to be sexy. That’s what girl power is for me, just doing your thing, I think that’s cool.

What is your ultimate party song?

Probably Spice Girls “Spice Up Your Life.” But I’m listening to loads of Azalea Banks at the moment – she can definitely party start.

Are you inspired at all by the Spice Girls?

Oh yeah, massively. I feel like my vibe is that if they had one more member, it would be grunge spice, and that would be me. Grunge Spice sounds kind of ugly, like she’s been hit in the face with a brick wall, so I’d probably find a different name. But that’s who I’d be.

What’s up next for you?

My record is probably going to be released over here in the spring of next year. But I just put out a mix-tape [Heartbreaks and Earthquakes - download it HERE] before this and I’ll be putting out another one hopefully in the next couple months. 

Here's another one of her tracks, "Stay Away" - I love this one!

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