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Zeds Dead @ Osheaga 2012

Toronto's own electro duo Zeds Dead made their first appearance at Osheaga this year. Made up of DJs DC and Hooks (Dylan and Zack), they performed in Montreal before heading to Chicago for Lollapalooza. I got the chance to chat with the guys after their set.

Here's my article for Faze Magazine:

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These guys make dope music - here's their track with Omar LinX, "You and I"

Check out a bit of my interview with Zeds Dead!

How do you prepare for a huge festival like this?

Zack: We just try to bring the newest, freshest stuff we can find that we like.

Dylan: Actually we made some fresh stuff that we dropped tonight and tested out.

Z: It’s all a big continuous experiment, just seeing what works and what doesn’t. You’ve got to try new things all the time.

So tell me about your latest EP The Living Dead.

D: Basically it’s a bunch of rap and electronic music, dub-step, house, drum and bass all mashed together in one crazy EP. We pretty much sat in the studio with Omar LinX and made a whole shit load of tracks, and what came out of it was our previous mix-tape Victor and then this one. So we kind of made it all in one go and this is what came out.

Being from Toronto, how has the city influenced you as artists?

D: A lot of people ask us that and it’s hard to describe. Toronto provides a nice environment, but it’s hard to say because nowhere else is home to me, I love it. I love this city. And I love living there and coming back to it. In ways that probably inspired us creatively but it’s hard to put it into specifics.

Z:  I think in terms of music, like the way the scene in Toronto is, electro was really big in Toronto a while ago. It was really big in the world but Toronto was really up in that and all the big names were coming through. I think that had an impact. I think it was when we became of drinking age, that’s what was going on. Toronto is really up-to-date on stuff. We’re very in tune with that’s going on. In regards to scenes, the Internet has sort of created this global thing where it almost doesn’t matter where you’re from.

How do you guys work together as a duo?

D: It definitely helps when you have a creative block because someone else will always pick up the slack. The most valuable thing for me about being a duo is having someone to bounce your stuff off. And someone to critique you. If we can come to an agreement on something in the long run, it’s better to have two people on board.

What’s the atmosphere like in the studio?

Z: Boring.

D: There’s long lulls of nothingness and looking at YouTube videos and talking shit, but sometimes there are exciting on-to-something moments. Then followed by more lulls of nothingness. And then we call it a day.

Z: Sometimes it can be very exciting when we’re on to something. You can feel the vibe when there’s a good flow but you can also feel when that flow crashes to a halt.

What are some of the highlights of 2012 so far?

D: There have been so many top moments already; it’s hard to put a finger on it.

Z: I think it was really cool to play at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto.

D: That was definitely a special moment, just looking out in the crowd at Yonge and Dundas, where we’ve walked by so many times growing up. So to see it transformed into a rowdy concert venue was such a trip.

Z: As far as the shows go, there have been a lot of amazing highlights; just being able to stand on these stages with the talent that goes up there as well, like at Coachella.

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