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The Black Lips @ Osheaga 2012

Osheaga this year definitely got me into a lot of new music and I loved seeing a bunch of awesome artists that I probably wouldn't have gotten a chance to see. On day two of the festival, I caught a performance by the Black Lips and got to interview them after.

Check out my article for Faze Magazine:

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Check out a quick Q&A with Jared and Cole from the band!

This is your first time at Osheaga – what were you looking forward to about being a part of this festival?

Jared: Seeing our friends, seeing the city that we love so much, poutine, smoked meat, all that. And pretty much just the family reunion aspect. You’re playing with bands that you’ve known forever and that’s the most fun part.

Cole: We got to hang out with Florence + The Machine and MGMT last night, it was so nice. And the food at festivals is great. I ate like 40 oysters and I’m about to go eat 20 more

You teamed up with Ray-Ban and released a new video; tell me more about that project.

Cole: They helped produce our new video for “Noc-A-Homa.” It turned out really good. We grew up Braves fans and their mascot was Chief Noc-A-Homa. They got rid of him because he wasn’t politically correct but we still had good times with him when he was there in Atlanta. So it was an ode to the memory of him.

And being from Atlanta, what’s the music scene like over there?

Jared: It’s a slow city - it’s the capital city of the south, the New York City of the south. But everything down south moves slower so it’s chill I guess you could say. It’s mostly a hip-hop scene but there’s some rock and roll. Everything mixes together though.

You guys are known for your crazy live performances, where does this come from?

Cole: Inside, it’s like a fire burning inside.

Jared: We live every day like all hell’s about to break loose.

Cole: You get this balling sensation in your gut and it just has to get out somehow.

Jared: Have you ever been in a war zone?

Me: No…

Jared: Neither have I, but I feel like that’s what we think like sometimes.

During your set here at Osheaga, I saw Cole puked on stage, but kept going like a champ. I was impressed…how do you do that?!

Cole: The show must go on.

Jared: Does he look like a quitter? You earn the right to play on that stage – do you think you’re going to sit down like a little baby?

Cole: Those kids paid their hard earned money to come see a show.

Jared: Those kids are sitting in that crowd and can’t go to the bathroom. They’re sweating their asses off and they paid good money and we’re not going to sit down and cry because of someone puking. We are no better than them and they are no better than us.

What is your ultimate goal with your music?

Jared: To play seven continents and be awesome.

For more from the Black Lips, check them out at

Here's a video they did with Urban Outfitters:

Cole (middle) & Jared (Right)

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