Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Inspired By Katie Couric

During my last week in NYC, I got the chance to be a part of a taping of Katie at the ABC Studios. I've been a fan of Katie Couric for quite some time now; she's such a talented journalist and an inspiration to many women.

The episode I was in the audience for was featuring Eve, who is also super talented. She's made her mark in the hip hop world and it was amazing to hear what she had to say in the interview. I even lucked out with a spot in the front row! I'm not sure when the episode will be airing, but Season 2 officially starts on Monday, so keep an eye out!

At the end of the taping, Katie took the time to answer a bunch of questions from the audience. I had a questions regarding students hoping to get into the broadcast journalism industry but another girl bet me to it. She she asked the question and I was inspired by Katie's response. She basically told us to just get out there and intern and work our asses off. Really though, it takes hard work. She mentioned the issue of young people feeling entitled and that a lot of graduates are worrying about balancing life and work, but Katie says that we should probably just be focusing on work. I totally agree. She has done an amazing job of sharing people's stories over the years and I hope to get the chance to do the same.

She also talked a bit about her boyfriend, joking around with the term "boyfriend" and saying she's too old to have one. Well I just heard the news over the weekend that her boyfriend (John Molner) is now a fiance!! Congrats Katie, you deserve it.

For more info or to get tickets to be in the audience, be sure to check out www.katiecouric.com

- Christina
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