Saturday, November 2, 2013

Delicious Food Show 2013

Last weekend, I checked out the Delicious Food Show at Toronto's Better Living Centre and it was filled with yummy treats, delicious drinks and culinary celebs. I was only able to attend on Friday Oct. 25th, but the show went on all throughout the weekend. Check out some of my pics:

 Hooray food trucks!

Iron Chef America winner (and funny French-Canadian) Chuck Hughes, was up on the stage when I arrived and he is just as charming in person.

I was most excited for the show's headlining celebrity guest: the one and only Martha Stewart. The kitchen queen graced us with her presence and showed us how to make some lovely and delicious cakes. This is the second time I've gotten to see her in-person (the first time was in New York when I had the chance to interview her, which was QUITE the experience...if interested, ask me about it sometime). Anyways, she has a certain type of dry humour, but hey, it's Martha, she can do whatever she wants. And I gotta say, there were some intense, hardcore Martha fans in the audience. The elderly women next to me leaned over and said "don't mind us, we'll be screaming when she comes out..."

 Another reason I was excited for this session was because the fabulous Mike Chalut was hosting! He does such a great job—his positive energy is contagious. He got to be up on stage right next to Martha, chatting her up and all that jazz. They even wore matching outfits!

 One audience member asked, "How do you stay so slim?" Her response: "It's an illusion." 
She also talked about her espresso machine she has at home, mentioning she's like "a barista gone wild." She's hilarious.
Torching her meringue, "I love torches."

Martha even walked around the exhibitors' booths after her set on stage (with her body guards of course) and she had a mob following her around. It was such a funny sight. And to add on top of that, a lot of the exhibitors were calling out to her "Martha! Martha! Come try [insert product name]" - it was great.

Anyways, I had a lot of fun and got to try lots of samples of things I've never tried before. 

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- Christina
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