Tuesday, November 19, 2013

EVENT | Rock The Boat ft. Classified

On November 8th, the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto was turned into a ship for Rock The Boat, an event hosted by Captain Morgan featuring a concert by Canadian rapper Classified. Complete with pirate props, sailing decor and even screens on the walls projecting rough waves, it (almost) felt as if we were actually partying on a boat. It was an interesting event to say the least. Oh and we got a couple free mixed drinks made from their signature rum. It was a rocky start though, with a crowd that awkwardly stood around. But it wasn't really their fault...the DJ was horrible. We were all pretty anxious for the actual show – hello Classified!

Once he hit the stage, it got much, much better. He's actually so great live! He even brought a girl up on stage, who performed one of his songs with him. Props to her, she knew every word. My friends and I somehow made our way to the front couple rows and despite the pushing/shoving/tall people problems, it was awesome.

The DJ who played after Classified, who kept the party going, was SO much better than the one from earlier. This was when the hip hop came out and got everyone pumped.

Haha Captain Morgan IRL. He even crowd-surfed.



- Christina
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