Monday, November 18, 2013

MUSIC | The Paper Kites

Earlier this month, I got to see Australian indie-folk band The Paper Kites perform live in Toronto during their first-ever headlining tour. They played at the Horseshoe Tavern and it was packed. I got the chance to interview the band's leading lady Christina Lacy and we chatted about their debut album, their group dynamic and what it was like touring in the US with Canada's own City and Colour.

If you haven't heard of their music yet, you should. Here's one of my favourites, "Bloom"

Check out some of my pics from the show:

Christina Lacy on touring with City and Colour:

"It almost felt like we were cheating. Usually you start off with these really small venues and work your way up, but we kind of just got shoved into these huge venues and getting to play for his crowds, which were much bigger than ours. So that was a really cool first experience of playing in America. And Dallas Green was just lovely and his whole crew was really cool and took care of us. I think it was the perfect start to playing shows overseas."

"It's always fun to perform the favourites that people seem like they're excited to hear. When they hear the intro, they know the song. I don't think I'll ever get sick of that. It's so cool when you start playing a song and people's faces light up because they recognize it and for us, it's so weird. It's strange." - Christina Lacy

"My advice is to do music for yourself. You need to be able to write for yourself and write about things you want to write about. My attitude is like write and play for yourself and if other people like it, and therefore that makes you successful, then that’s kind of a bonus. We never ever thought we’d be playing here in Toronto. That was never our intention. We were playing songs and writing songs that we thought were good and that we enjoyed, and the fact that other people got on board was a really big bonus and something that you could ever plan for. You can never start into music with the aim to be successful." - Christina Lacy

I love their music video for "Young," a track off their album States.

Keep an eye out for the full article in the next issue of Faze Magazine!

- Christina
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