Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kim Kardashian visits The Bay

On May 10, Kim Kardashian fans flocked to The Bay in downtown Toronto to catch a glimpse of the reality star herself, who was in town to promote her jewelry line Belle Noel. Fans lined up early in the morning, anxiously anticipating her 4:30pm appearance. I happened to arrive at the store minutes before the event, and was amazed to see the amount of people who had crammed into the first floor of the department store. Since I'm not a fan of getting squished and pushed around, I kept my distance and left fairly early. So here are some of my photos from afar...

First method of getting photos: ride the escalator multiple times

My fave photo by far
The next best method? Photos of the TV monitors...

And as a special surprise, Kim's beau Kanye West stopped by to show his support. I had already left by that time, but my friend Terrence was in on all the action - even getting some great close up photos of the couple as they left The Bay! 

Photo courtesy of Terrence Freeman
I think that was one of The Bay's biggest / most chaotic events ever!

- Christina
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