Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Start of a Toronto Summer

As an original Vancouverite, I'm often asked which city I like better: Toronto or Vancouver...and the even harder question of: Do you think you'll stay in Toronto after you graduate? And I still am not 100 per cent sure - but I still have two more years left of school so I've got some time to think that over.

But I've actually fallen in love with Toronto, despite its lack of beautiful mountains in the distance and a beach right around the corner. A lot of people I've met over here are surprised when I say I love Toronto. Their reaction: But you're from Vancouver - I've heard it's beautiful! And yes, I agree that it's beautiful, but I think Toronto has its own characteristics that make it so appealing to me. Don't get me wrong, I love both cities, but I'm really loving my time out here.

So this summer, as a change from last year, I'm staying in Toronto until August - giving me time to fully enjoy a Toronto summer, heat and all. I honestly hate the rain, so I welcome the heat with open arms.

And as a fun photography blog post, I wanted to share some of my photos from exploring around the city so far this summer - and its just the beginning.

Yonge Street
King St. West

I love street art - Queen West

Dundas Square - my hood
Just thought this was pretty...
View from my rooftop
Anyway, I'll keep you posted with my adventures this summer!

- Christina