Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Faze Magazine: Break Free - Pt.2 ft. Live Different & Something You Whisper

Hey everyone!

Faze Magazine's Break Free event was not only focused on getting ready for prom, but it also included Hamilton-based youth movement group Live Different, to show the power of young people and how they can make a difference. Traveling with the band Something You Whisper, they took part in the Faze event with inspirational speakers as well as killer performances. You can find out more info on Live Different at
 Something You Whisper

Something You Whisper had some great tees!

 AND as a chance encounter, I ran into my friend Joy (from BC!!), who is a member of the Live Different organization - it was so great to see her!

 Johnny Henderson

 Jessi Rubin

 They brought co-host Nate Hall on stage to participate in a magic trick

Something You Whisper rocked it on the Faze stage!

Take a listen to their hit "Take Back What You Said"

Still to come: More performers from Break Free!

- Christina
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