Thursday, May 10, 2012

ANTM Live Toronto Pt.5 - Joey Bevan

The Schwarzkopf Professional Main Stage wasn't the only runway at the ANTM Live Toronto event May 4-6. One of the other stages was the Pandora Open Catwalk and I caught one of the fashion shows on Sunday featuring UK designer Joey Bevan's lingerie line, from his latest collection "Land of the Lost Toys."

Check out my photos and a Q&A with Joey Bevan!

Not only did he showcase "Land of the Lost Toys," he also had many pieces from his other collections appear on the main stage runway, which included garments from "Vintage Traveller," "Blade Runner" and "Fun House."

Q: What were you most excited for before coming to be a part of the convention?

Joey Bevan: I think it was meeting the All-Stars :-) I have been a huge fan of ANTM since day one...And the idea of them wearing my garments made me really happy. Also to see my team again; my models and make-up team were fantastic, they made me feel like I was a part of a family. I was really sad to say goodbye!

Q:  Do you have a favourite piece that came down the main stage runway?

JB: It's hard to say, each piece is like a child to me. I can't choose my fave child! But I think when the whole vintage scene started and I realized it was all my garments, I was over the moon!

Q: What was the biggest challenge?

JB: I think packing all the garments up in my flat; just me sitting on the cases trying to zip them up! No, the biggest challenge was making sure the audience liked my show, I was very nervous as it's very London! Me and my endorsers (Kryolan) changed make-up looks two days before the show, just because I thought let's go for it and show Toronto a UK style.

Q: Where do you get your style inspiration?

JB: My head. I am a very creative guy who pulls inspiration from many places, mainly personal loves, movies, songs, current affairs, art! Anything which gets my heart racing.

Q: How does Canadian fashion differ from the UK?

JB: I think most North American fashion is very chic and commercial; the UK is very high fashion and quirky. I think that's why Toronto loved my show because it was different than anything they have seen. Me and Kryolan worked hard to come up with interesting make-up looks to show a very UK high fashion look - so the guests at ANTM Live would be pulled into my story of The Land of the Lost Toys.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring designers out there, or even anyone hoping to get into the fashion industry?

JB: Be yourself, never second guess yourself, push hard, make your career your love life, your social life, and work harder than you have ever worked. The day I realized I was becoming big was the day I fully committed to fashion 100 per cent.

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- Christina Dun
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