Friday, November 23, 2012

My Breakfast Television Experience - RiRi for FreeFree

To promote her newest album, Unapologetic, Rihanna set out on an ambitious 777 world tour - seven cities in seven days. And Toronto was lucky enough to be one of the locations chosen, with a show on Thursday Nov. 15. Leading up to the exclusive concert, the venue was kept on the down-low and tickets were scarce to come by, as you could only win your way in if you weren't a part of the media.

On the big day, I was invited to appear on Breakfast Television to compete to try to win a pair of tickets to the show (at the Danforth Music Hall, as it was later revealed). It was an early morning for me, but I was super excited to get to be on the set with BT hosts Dina and Kevin.

My competitor was a girl named Candice, another huge Rihanna fan. We got to take part in the 'RiRi for FreeFree' segment, where we had to answer a few trivia questions.

In the end though, I came up short and sadly didn't win those coveted tickets. It wasn't so bad was actually still a pretty fun experience! Who would have thought that I'd sing the chorus of "We Found Love" on morning television?

And at least I didn't go home empty handed - we both got a collection of Rihanna CDs!

Here's her video for "Diamonds" from her latest album - I love this song!

So despite my failed attempt at winning tickets, I still had a great time. I would love to have a job like hosting on Breakfast Television - it's such a fun atmosphere!

- Christina
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