Thursday, November 1, 2012

NYC Store Spotlight: STORY

Another place that I stumbled upon on my adventure in Chelsea, NY, was a store called STORY. What makes this place unique is that it changes themes every four to eight weeks, with all new merchandise and decor. I happened to walk in during its final week of its 'Making Things' theme. It's such a cool store because it's so hands on and interactive and is home to so many unique products. There were demonstrations and tables throughout the store featuring different products, from a 3D printer to a bamboo bicycle. 

I love the store because it "has a point of view of a magazine," where each change-around of themes is like producing a new issue. It's such an innovative concept for a retail store. It debuted in February with a 'Love' theme, followed by a 'Color' theme. 'Making Things' is only the third issue and it has currently wrapped up and closed its doors - the store is preparing for another awesome theme. I asked one of the people working there if she could tell me what the next theme would be, but sadly she said it was a secret. She did however mention that it would have something to do with the holidays.

So until then, we'll just have to wait and see!

In the meantime, check out some of the photos from my visit:

My favourite part of the store though, was a table set up near the entrance, where Sable Yong was adding spikes to iPhone cases. As most of you in the fashion world know, spikes and studs have become a huge trend and can be seen on anything from denim vests and high top sneakers to blazers and headbands. Sable was doing an in-store demonstration on how she makes her products for RichandDamned, her Etsy store. She also makes cute studded collars btw! Definitely check out her shop at

AND side note, after taking a look at her Etsy, I stumbled upon her own website and discovered she's in two bands - who make awesome music. She is the lead singer in both Year of the Tiger and Chalk and Numbers. Take a listen!

Anyways, I totally loved STORY - if you're in the area, you should definitely check it out! 

- Christina
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