Monday, November 26, 2012


This musical trio that goes by the name of Beats Antique has been taking their experimental fusion of electronica and worldly beats on the road, touring and promoting their newest EP, CONTRAPTION VOL. 2 (in total, they've now released four albums and two EPs). The group is made up of David Satori, Zoe Jakes and Tommy Cappel and was started out of Oakland, California. Their sound is a unique convergence of instrumentals and modern technology, creating an enchanting genre of music that they can call their own. As from their Twitter profile, they describe themselves as "electro-acoustic gypsy hip hop straight from a time machine."

They are bringing 2012 to a close with a world tour that spans across North America, plus a once-in-a-lifetime show at The Pyramids in Egypt on the Winter Solstice. I can only imagine how amazing that would be! Check out the Animale Mechanique tour poster below to see when they'll be at a city near you!

They have also played huge music festivals including Coachella and Lolapalooza (one of my goals in life is to attend both at some point). Their wide range of experience in the industry, from multicultural music production to belly dancing, gives them an edge and the ability to bring an audience to a whole different level.

Beats Antique :: Contraption Vol. 2 Track Listings:
1. The Allure
2. Skeleton Key
3. Crush (feat. Brass Mena┼żeri)
4. Crooked Muse (feat. Lynx)
5. Hero
6. Colony Collapse - Filastine feat. Nova (Beats Antique Remix)
7. Bus to Balkans
8. Bloody Bones

Here's "The Allure" - the EP's first track:

Want to hear more from Beats Antique? Check them out at and on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

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