Sunday, February 3, 2013

COMEDY | OFF2KALI Presents New Video ft. Funny Canadians

Hey everyone!

Among the thousands of YouTube videos you sift through each and every day, you come across a ton of different personalities - and I have a friend who is hoping to stand out amongst the many faces on the web. As a colleague at a previous workplace (the super awesome Ryerson Digital Media Zone), I remember Richard Young telling me about his experiences as a budding actor and that he was working on some videos for his own YouTube channel. Since then, he got it up and running and I make sure to tune in - his channel is called Off2Kali.

His latest video, "Pick My Fake Indian Name" features some Canadian talent you may recognize: Ennis Esmer, Colin Mochrie, Paula Brancati and Peter Keleghan. They are all so awesome - kudos for getting them in the video!

His first video asked viewers to suggest Indian names - check it out:

Then he got these special guests to weigh-in and make the final decision:

My personal favourite was "Pahjahma Pahnz"........

Anyways, be sure to check out the rest of his hilarious videos on his YouTube channel and follow him on Facebook & Twitter!

- Christina
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