Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Golden Age of Digital Storytelling | SMW NYC

From web collaborations to innovative marketing tactics, many different brands need to think outside the box when it comes to standing out in the digital world. In a fascinating panel at the Hearst Tower, featuring people from Mini USA, HBO and BuzzFeed, I learned about "The Golden Age of Storytelling."

Josh Sternberg - Media and Publishing Reporter, Digiday; @joshsternberg

Lee Nadler - Marketing Communications Manager, Mini USA; @leenadler
Sabrina Caluori - Vice President, Social Media and Performance Marketing, HBO; @sabrinacaluori
Jon Steinberg - President & COO, BuzzFeed; @jonsteinberg

L-R: Lee Nadler, Jon Steinberg, Sabrina Caluori, Josh Sternberg

"This is one career where you can learn without a college degree." - Sabrina Caluori

Lee Nadler also emphasized that you should be careful when trying to digitize everything. At Mini USA, they focus on bringing their brand and marketing into real life. One of his examples was when they created a mobile stage on one of their vehicles and collaborated with musicians to perform during traffic. I thought that was a really cool idea. 

My favourite part of the session was when Sabrina Caluori incorporated HBO's hit show Girls to demonstrate different marketing strategies that helped make it into the show it is today - in addition to Lena Dunham's sheer genius of course. They collaborated with BuzzFeed and created a series of different articles and posts that could relate to girls all over the world.

And while we're on the topic of Girls, have you all seen this video?? Chelsea Davison's impersonation is spot on:

Anyways, more SMW NYC coverage coming up! Sorry, as a result of being sick in bed for a couple days, I'm a little behind - oh well, better late than never!

- Christina
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