Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free The Children | We Create Change

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Although the penny may have just been the bit of change at the bottom of your wallet or a bit of good luck here and there, for others, the little copper coin could mean so much more. As Canadians are saying farewell to the beloved penny, charity organization Free The Children isn't letting them go away unnoticed.

I attended a media event at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School on February 4th, which was also the day that Canadian mints officially stopped producing the penny. This event in particular was to announce the amount of pennies that have been collected so far in the We Create Change campaign. The running total? 70 million pennies! Stacked up, that's the height of 170 CN Towers and the weight of 32 elephants....pretty crazy.

Read my full article here: http://www.faze.ca/categories/change/2013/ftc_penny.html

Here are a few of my photos from the event:

Mike "Pinball" Clemons
Spencer West
Craig Kielburger

It's amazing to see young people doing so much to help others out in the world in need.

To find out more info on how you can get involved, visit www.freethechildren.com/wecreatechange

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