Monday, February 25, 2013

Hiring For The Social Web | SMW NYC

Tuesday, Feb. 19th, ended off at the BuzzFeed HQ, where I learned all about what companies are looking for when hiring for potential employees in the digital world. 'Hiring for the Social Web' was moderated by BuzzFeed's Executive Editor Doree Shafrir and featured a panel of people from some of the biggest websites based in New York:

Hillary Frey - Yahoo News, Editor-in-Chief
Lockhart Steele -, President & Founder
Amanda Michel - Guardian US, Open Editor

"Almost all of the jobs that we've been hiring for are jobs that have not existed before. So it's not like we're replacing someone and have experience knowing what this job is or what this person does.  And I think it can be really challenging for people coming in to have to try and define what that role is." - Doree Shafrir

"If you're a young writer, the best advice I can give you is to move to Miami, Florida because there's no one down there. Really, with the couple exceptions of the folks who network for me who understand subject-verb agreement and can put sentences together. I'm not joking at all. New York has great writing talent ... but other markets are really a challenge." - Lockhart Steele

"I really look for people with strong personalities first." - Lockhart Steele 

"[Twitter is] definitely a place where you can showcase your personality, even if that's not the job that you are especially hiring for. It is a place where people get to peek at who you are in a different way."- Hillary Frey

"I don't focus much on education ... I prefer scrappy, really smart and a good team player. I think in the environment that we're working, personality makes a really big difference." - Amanda Michel

"I'm finding it easier these days to teach reporting skills than teaching how to have a strong voice as a writer. It amazes me some of the things that people don't know about reporting. We had an intern in, a journalism major from one of our nation's fine journalism schools, and they were asked if they could call to check a fact and couldn't grasp what that meant." - Lockhart Steele

"Be a fan of the place you want to work - but not a crazy fan." - Hillary Frey

Only at the BuzzFeed HQ...
More SMW NYC coverage coming up!

- Christina
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