Sunday, February 24, 2013

Community and Culture on Tumblr | SMW NYC

The first panel I checked out was 'Community and Culture on Tumblr' at the Hearst Tower. As the world of blogging has exploded and you can literally find a site on any specific topic, whether that may be cat gifs or how to create the perfect fishtail braid, there is something for everyone. And when scrolling through the different blogs on Tumblr, have you ever thought about what goes on behind-the-screen (aka the ones on the other end curating, aggregating, connecting, etc)? The people who focus on building the online community in specific topics are given the role of Tumblr evangelists.

The panel consisted of three of these evangelists:

Annie Werner - Art Evangelist
Jeremy Kressmann - Travel & Tourism Evangelist
Max Sebela - Gaming Evangelist

Plus three guests:

Collin Munn - Editorial Manager of Paddle8
Dylan Thuras - Founder of Atlas Obscura
Diego Garcia - Video Production Analyst & Blogger of AMC Networks

They all talked about expanding their communities and using Tumblr as a way to build and interact among the public. Check out some of my photos:

Annie Werner
Jeremy Kressmann introducing Dylan Thuras founder of Atlas Obscura
Jeremy Kressmann
Max Sebela
L-R: Max Sebela, Dylan Thuras, Jeremy Kressmann, Collin Munn
Diego Garcia (left) being interviewed by Max Sebela (right)
Annie Werner interviewing Collin Munn, of Paddle8
Lots more SMW NYC coverage coming up!

- Christina
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  1. Cool post, would have LOVED to sit in on this one.