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EVENT | Perry Ellis NYC Launch

On June 11, I got to cover an event for Racked at the iconic Hippodrome Building (I was welcomed to a gorgeous lobby as soon as I stepped inside and I was amazed). Perry Ellis International Inc. is now headquartered in this beautiful building. So the event was the grand opening as well as a celebration of 20 years with NASDAQ under the stock symbol PERY.

I was doing a Party Bites feature for Racked, which is a fun article where we ask party goers a question throughout the night. My question for the Perry Ellis event attendees was in the spirit of office spaces: What's currently on your desk that you wouldn't want anyone to see?

Check out their responses on Racked here:  

I got to chat with some of the celeb attendees, including Gilles Marini, Brooke Shields and fellow Canadian Michael Del Zotto. In addition to the party bites question, I asked them about their involvement with Perry Ellis, their personal style, and more!

Gilles Marini, actor
Have you always been a fan of Perry Ellis?

For a long time, even way before I started working with them. It’s been two years I’ve officially been working with them and the brand I represent is the one over there, Axist. It’s been pretty incredible. It’s my first huge campaign in America so it took me a little bit of time before I assimilated myself with any brand. The story of this company, starting with George starting with very little and then made something incredible. And his son Oscar, he’s a magician; they did the incredible. I think they represent what I was looking for in a company. For me it’s an honor working with them.

Do you have any favourite pieces? How would you describe your style?

We’ve been working hand in hand with the design and what I want the most is like the way I’m dressed right now. Very classic. I don’t really like to have a lot of flashy stuff. I like to be timeless. And with Perry, it’s kind of that. You see, you could wear something like that [points to a suit on the wall] ten years from now and still look really cool. That’s what I like about this. I like a simple fit and I don’t like when it costs an arm and a leg. My background isn’t rich, I’d say, more on the other side, so I’m very much aware of what I buy and how I’m dressed. Clothes should not cost crazy money because it’s not costing them crazy money. So I think they have a perfect balance and it’s very good quality. You don’t get robbed when you buy it and I think I like to be assimilated with this kind of company.

We’re here at this special event, what were you most looking forward to?

Well this is a brand new space. So beside the fact that I’m very excited to see Oscar, George and Joe, and all the crew that I’ve been working with for the last two years. This is such an achievement, what a beautiful space. I can’t wait to get more explanation of how it works here. Beautiful. 
Brooke Shields
What are you most excited for, being here at the Perry Ellis celebration?

I’m excited for the fact that Perry’s legacy has continued the way it has and that I think he’d be really proud. My mom and I both knew him when I was a kid and a teenager. He was quite generous to me and just such a gentleman. He has such beautiful taste and his women’s clothes, it started off there and that’s what I became familiar with.. He was just very kind to me. You never know how quickly things can change in this business and how years pass and we say whatever happened to…” This is a brand. He understood and respected the people who worked for him. He treated them well and it wasn’t necessarily family but you were a family member if you were in his company. And everybody that would work for him would talk about what a lovely man he was. And so to meet the family now who owns it and to feel that and feel the longevity and the fact that his legacy is continuing with such respect, it’s really nice. My mom would have been happy. 

Michael Del Zotto, New York Rangers
Have you always been a fan of Perry Ellis clothing?

I have, it’s actually one of the clothing brands that actually fit me right off the rack. I find that I have a lot of trouble finding pants that go over my—well you know, hockey players have bigger legs and a bigger rear end. So I’m pretty fortunate that their clothes fit me right off the rack.

How would you describe your style?

It’s definitely changed over the years. About four years ago when I moved here to New York I was all about sweatpants and feeling comfortable. And now with so many games we play, I’m usually in suits. So I’ve got to fit my suits more tightly on me. And as far as my style, even when we’re not going to games, my jeans and casual dress shirts I find are a lot more fitted to my body.

What was it like making that transition from Canada to New York?

I’m from a town of 20,000 so it took me a little bit of time, probably my whole first season. People are a lot more aggressive here than back in Canada that’s for sure. But I love it here and I call it my home. I’ve enjoyed my four years here. 
 Here's a look into the event and showroom:

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