Friday, June 14, 2013

Governors Ball 2013 | Day 2

Day 2 was seriously such a workout. Problems: a) The stages were set so far apart b) The media tent was in the worst spot c) The mud made everything so much harder.

Highlights: Meeting Lizzy & Max of MS MR (coolest, down-to-earth folks) and enjoying Kendrick Lamar live.

I felt bad for the people who had no idea about the amount of mud and showed up to the festival wearing cute shoes—especially white ones—and throughout the day, there were SO many ditched shoes everywhere. Thank goodness for my kid-sized $15 rubber boots.

I spent the entire day at the festival (hello tan!), so I was super exhausted by the end. I still managed to have a great time though! Check out my day 2 photos:


If you haven't heard of their music yet, you're welcome:

 Paper Diamond

Kendrick Lamar (someone was holding a blow-up monkey and clearly got in my way the entire time...)

Day 3 coming up!

- Christina
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