Thursday, June 13, 2013

Governors Ball 2013 | Day 1

My Governors Ball experience was off to a rough start on Friday, June 7. After checking the weather report and seeing that a huge rain storm was expected, I was already dreading the trek out to an uncovered park space for a festival. But I told myself to just suck it up and go.

But one thing I was not leaving home without was a pair of rain boots. If I were to go to the festival in my regular shoes, I'm pretty sure I would've turned around immediately and cried. No joke. So I made a trip out to the Kmart around the corner from NYU.

I thought it would be easy-peasy: go in, buy boots, go home. Nope. Apparently the rest of New York had the same idea. They were sold out. So I was about to leave, when I turned and saw the wall of children's boots...

So that happened. Luckily there was a pair that wasn't too small, just a bit snug.
So I began my journey to Randall's Island. I had to take a subway up to 125th St. and then take a bus from there across a bridge. But since the rain had gotten a lot worse, the line-up for the bus was so incredibly long. So there I was in the pouring rain, wearing kid-sized rain boots, a rain coat and a clear plastic poncho, plus holding an umbrella. If you haven't noticed, I effing hate the rain.

I eventually made it to the park. But when I got there, I was so tempted to turn right back around. This was my view from my umbrella:

There were four different stages set up on-site and I only made it to the nearest, covered one. I went to the Skyy Vodka Stage and hid under the tent for a while until the next performer. Luckily it was Crystal Castles, who I actually really wanted to see.

I managed to get some pretty good shots, check them out:

Sorry for the horrible sound quality, my camera is the worst for that..

By the end, the weather had gotten even worse and I couldn't even handle it. So I left. And good thing I did, because the festival was cancelled later on since it got so bad. Kings Of Leon was the supposed to be the headliner that night, but they got rescheduled for Saturday.

My journey home was another story. Since the bus line was so incredibly long once again, I decided to walk. I was already so wet, I thought, why not? It was probably the worst experience of my life.

Luckily, the rest of the weekend at the festival got much, much better.

Stay tuned for Day 2 & 3

- Christina
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