Tuesday, June 25, 2013

O Music Awards

Photo by Christina Dun
On June 19th, I got to take part in the O Music Awards, a 24-hour online music festival that celebrates music, tech and fans. The awards given out were not the typical categories that you'd usually see at awards shows. This one gave out awards for the best artist Instagram (winner = Joe Jonas), best web-born artist (winner = Kitty), and best music app (winner = CrowdSYNC) just to name a few (view list of all winners HERE). It was hosted by the hilarious comedic duo the Sklar Brothers.

Besides the awards, the main portion of the 24-hour event was the live music performances. It was held at the MTV studios in Times Square and different artists had sets throughout and I got to be in the audience for one of the shows. I had the pleasure of seeing the X Ambassadors and Nikki Williams live. Other performers include the Jonas Brothers, Hanson and Kate Nash. I had such an awesome experience.

There was also a goat named Pearl, in the spirit of all those crazy viral "goats screaming like humans" videos.

 The Sklar Brothers with a DJ duo who was in-studio for a dance party

 While the performances were going on and the awards were being given out, there was also a big event happening below the studio on the street level inside of the Oakley store. Famous drummer Andrew W.K. was attempting to set a world record for drumming continuously for 24 hours to set a new record for longest drum session in a retail store. He succeeded!

AND just FYI, while I was up in the MTV studio seeing Nikki Williams perform, this was happening down below me:
I love Cuba Gooding Jr. in case you didn't know. Cuba, if you see this, I would like to meet you here in NYC. Please and thanks.

In case you don't know of Nikki Williams, you may have heard her hit song "Glowing" -

- Christina
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