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EVENT | SheTek Conference

As an aspiring entertainment journalist, I have been trying to get myself out at different events where I can learn and meet fellow women in the industry who might have some insight into how to get my foot in the door (networking is key, my friends). So when I came across the EventBrite page for the first-ever SheTek Conference happening here in NYC, I had to check it out. It was a series of panels on different topics within the entertainment industry—mainly music—and it featured many awesome industry pros.

Keynote Speaker: Wendy Day

She got into the music industry as a fan and worked hard to get to where she is today. It took her six years to many any money from it. She's now been in the industry for 21 years—wow, she's been doing this for as long as I've been alive...

She created Rap Coalition to help artists get out of bad deals and help them learn business skills. She encourages women to reach out to other women in the industry. It pays off to have a network of people who can help you along the way.

"If you have the passion, you can overcome any obstacle."

"Figure out what you want to do in life, then how to get there."

"If you don't let anything stop you, it can't stop you."

"You have to have balls as a female and be gutsy."

"When you're really passionate about something, it's a lot easier to do."

All the panels following Wendy's keynote speech were moderated by Fiona Bloom (The Bloom Effect):

PANEL 1 | Speakers: Cindy da Silva (da Silva Artists), Tiffany Mynon (Platinum Boy Music), Jennifer Newman-Sharpe (Entertainment Attorney)
The Business of Music

They've seen industry changes. publicists are now social media mavens and they've had to work with the non-traditional forms of media.

In this ever-changing industry, you have to stay fresh, be aware and keep motivated. Don't be afraid to change.

Cindy da Silva: "It's all about who you know and what you're willing to try."

Put yourself in the absolute best light and be professional at all times.

Advice to aspiring artists:

"Get yourself to the next level before going to find a manager," Cindy da Silva. "Do not expect the manager to get you to the next level."

"Just focus on being who you are." - Tiffany Mynon

"Don't ever wait for anybody, get started on your own." - Fiona Bloom

Be smart with your social media. Everything you do with the media is your legacy.

As a woman, you have to be that much better and that much more diligent to stand out.

Your manager is not your therapist.

PANEL 2 | Speakers: Robin Joseph (Primary Wave Music Publishing), Jessica Sobhraj (Women in Music, Sir Groovy), Jen Brown (Believe Digital USA & The Bomber Jacket)

Music Streams — Distribution & Synchronization

You need to know the industry you are in. Understand everything beforehand.

PANEL 3 | Speakers: Keymanna Paulas (Keymanna Management LLC), Michelle McDevitt (Audible Treats), Cynamin Jones (Cynamin Jones Branding, Wu-Tang Clan)
Social Media + Branding 

You are your brand, be consistent

How you present yourself on social media matters - Keymanna Paulas

"There's a special hell for people who squat on names!" - Michelle McDevitt (haha to those people who buy other people's names on social networking platforms or websites) to make money

"This is not the bank of thanks." - Cynamin Jones

People always say that it's not about the money, but it is.

As women in entertainment, we sell ourselves short.

Social media etiquette:
- no Twitter beef
- don't throw people under the bus
- don't pitch publicists through Twitter
- no #teamfollowback
- If you start with "yo" "ma" or "shorty" - DON'T

 Artist engagement tips:
- put the content out there, be personal
- Contests
- vlogs, document everything
- fans want to see your personality

PANEL 3 | Speakers: Diedre Gary, Stephanie Serrano, Roody Dorsainvil
Music Videos
 --> It ran a little late, so I didn't get much from the third panel, but it was still a great event overall!

For more info on SheTek, be sure to find them on Facebook & Twitter.

Thanks so much for having me!

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