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During my Governors Ball experience, I got to catch Alt-J's set, which I was super pumped about. I've been really digging their music and they just seem like all-around cool, chill guys. This has become one of my favourite songs on repeat:

Gwil, Gus, Joe and Thom came together during their university time in Leeds and have gained a worldwide fan base, traveling and performing for huge crowds. Their sound is so unique and I just can't get enough of it. 'An Awesome Wave' was the Mercury Prize winning album for 2012. Totally well-deserved!

I chatted with Gus Unger-Hamilton, keyboardist from the band and here's a quick little bit from the interview:

How was your Governors Ball experience?

We really enjoyed it.

What have you guys been up to since the release of your debut album, An Awesome Wave?

We’ve been touring for the past year and a half and we haven’t had very much time to make new material as a group because we’ve been touring as a group.

What’s it like working with each other?

It’s good. It’s only really been the four of us, no one has ever left or been replaced, so we have a really good click when we work together and make music. I think that’s the reason why we enjoy what we do so much because as much as it’s fun to play shows, creating music is the thing that really keeps us going. Whether it’s writing or recording, that’s more exciting I think.

Favourite part of being in the music industry?

The best thing about doing music for a living is that it’s an unusual job. You’re not tied to a schedule like other people and you can travel and enjoy a routine that’s uncommon. And that’s what’s really nice about it.

You guys went through a couple different band names, how did you land on Alt-J?

Alt-J was an idea at the time that we kind of all agreed on. We didn’t think about it, just sort of went for it.

Goals for 2013?

Wow, we’re already halfway through, this is crazy. I think we’d like to start a second album, that’d be a big goal for us.
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