Friday, August 30, 2013

My MTV VMA Red Carpet Experience

Thanks to 1iota (an awesome company that gets fans up close at some of the biggest events), I got the chance to be a part of this year's MTV Video Music Awards action in Brooklyn. I got to be a part of the audience to stand along the red carpet as the stars arrived for the big event. I was super excited. It was a long day, but well worth the waiting in the intense heat amongst tons of other people. I ended up in a pretty good spot and saw some of my faves up close and personal.

It was honestly such an inspiration being there on the carpet across from the journalists who I hope to be someday. My dream would be to be on that side of the carpet, interviewing the stars, rather than just as a fan — but I'm definitely not complaining, I still had an amazing time!

Highlights from the carpet:
- Got a high-five from Robin Thicke
- Saw the legendary Daft Punk
- Breathed the same air as Pharrell
- Witnessed a moment between 2 Chainz and Richard Simmons

 In my element...seriously, I was so happy.

Ariana Grande is so adorable. She did a pre-show performance on the carpet. Have you heard her new album 'Yours Truly'?! She's actually so talented.

 Katy Perry 

 Left: Ciara | Right: Holland Roden

 2 Chainz & Richard Simmons - adorbs
 Rita Ora, stunning as always

 Left: Ed Sheeran | Right: Danity Kane

 A$AP Rocky

 The one and only Lady Gaga. She had a huge entourage of paparazzi and it literally looked like the seas had parted as soon as she stepped on the carpet. It was madness, and everyone else sort've just moved to the side

 Left: Wiz Khalifa | Right: Ronnie from Jersey Shore

 Robin Thicke

 Left: Modern Family's Sarah Hyland | Right: Glee's Darren Criss

 Left: Legendary T-Boz of TLC | Right: Macklemore

 Left: Daft Punk | Right: Jordin Sparks

 Drake reppin Canada

 Left: Jimmy Fallon | Right: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, sighhhhh

 Left: Selena Gomez | Right: Pharrell (sort've hidden, but he's there!)

Wow, what a night. Although I didn't get to be inside Barclays for the actual show, the red carpet experience was quite satisfying.

- Christina
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  1. Ahhh you were so lucky to be able to attend!! I probably would have tried to attack Pharrell lol I live him!

    Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole

    1. I definitely had to hold myself back when he walked by!! He's beautiful haha.

  2. How AWESOME!! I love the pictures and Lady Gaga looks lovely. She really is in a league on her own huh? Loved seeing this! :)

    Nice to meet you as well! I haven't seen your post in the IC group until now, so HI!!

    1. Thanks for checking it out! Yeah, it really was a crazy experience.

      And great to meet you too! I haven't been able to post a lot in the IC group yet, but working on getting into it more! :)

  3. Oh how much fun. So jelly you got to see JGL. Welcome to the IC group too!

  4. so cool! looks like such a good time!