Saturday, August 24, 2013

ON STAGE | The Trip To Bountiful

During my time here in New York, I obviously had to check out a Broadway show. From my previous trips to The Big Apple, I've seen The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Promises, Promises. Last week, I had some free time so I headed over to the Times Square area to see what shows were playing. Then I remembered that Cuba Gooding Jr. was starring in one (I'm defs a fan). So I quickly made my way to the theatre and bought a ticket, super close to showtime. And to top it off, I got such a good deal with the student discount for a stellar seat (one that would have easily gone for $150, I was fourth row centre).

The Trip To Bountiful is a comedic drama about a woman whose only wish is to find her way back to her old, small and abandoned hometown. The play was written by Horton Foote and directed by Michael Wilson. It stars Cicely Tyson (The Help) as Carrie Watts, Cuba Gooding Jr. (haha is it weird that Snow Dogs is the first film that comes to mind?) as Ludie Watts and Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives) as Jessie Mae Watts.

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I really loved the plot line and the casting of the characters. Cicely Tyson is so sassy, she's great.
And thank goodness I saw it when I did, because it was just announced that Cuba Gooding Jr will be replaced by Leon Addison Brown for the role of Ludie Watts starting August 27. If you get a chance, I definitely recommend this one!

Head over to to get the details on all the current and upcoming shows.

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