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Osheaga 2013 | OBERHOFER

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My first interview of Osheaga this year was with a Brooklyn-based band that goes by the name of Oberhofer. Formed by Brad Oberhofer and joined by Ben, Matt, Pete, and Dylan (Dylan however was replaced by Marty for this set due to injury), the guys have been playing shows and promoting their album latest album Notalgia. We had a lovely chat about their music, group dynamic, and Matt's eyelashes. It was a lot of fun.

If you haven't heard of them, here's one of their tracks - "Away Frm U"

Here are some highlights from the interview: 

For someone who hasn’t heard of your music yet, how would you describe it to them?

Marty: Well, we could say the good old answer…

Brad: Wait, the good old answer being: Himalayan jump through volcanic lava?

Pete: Or a bowl of blackberries with some vodka in it served over meat.

Brad: There you go.

How has New York influenced you guys as musicians?

Brad: In New York, you meet a lot more musicians every day and you’re exposed to a greater variety of music every day. You’re hanging out with different people and you have a different lifestyle. Everything is a lot more frantic. I don’t think there’s a direct correlation though between any change in sound or change in aesthetic being from Washington State and New York. But there probably are some subconscious affectations.

How would you describe your group dynamic?

Matt: It’s like a three-legged race. We’re all just trying to hold on to each other and get there as quickly as we can.

Marty: You’re amazing Matt.

Brad: I don’t know if you’ve noticed Matt’s eyelashes, but they are exceptionally beautiful. And long. The prettiest eyelashes I’ve ever seen on anyone ever. What do you have to say about Matt’s eyelashes? How do they compare to any other eyelashes you’ve ever seen?

Me: They’re the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Matt: Thank you.

Brad: Thank you, interview’s over. You did great.


So what’s the most challenging part of being a musician?

Brad: Well it’s trying to get people to support your ideas; logistically, financially, and also to express ideas that are musical and melodic and not written in verbal language, verbally.

Marty: A lot of communication issues. A lot of hands in the pot. A lot of people not always communicating as well as they could be. It’s about getting people to be straight.

How do you guys like Montreal?

Matt: Montreal gets intimidatingly party mode sometimes. We went out last night near where we were staying and it was intimidating. It was a little frightening at first.

Pete: There were several fights at the bar we were at.

Me: Probably because of our drinking age…

Matt: That one bar was kind of a crappy bar and it was amateur hour there, so we felt super old, but we had a couple beers and we settled in and had a great time. This town knows how to have a good time. Thanks for having us.

Ben: And we saw a guy get walloped by a car when we were walking home. He wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Marty: Wear your helmet.

Pete: That way you won’t get blood all over people.

Brad: Ben got bled on last night.

Marty: Ben had blood all over his hands, it was disgusting.

**Then they started listing off things you should always have with you, here’s what would be in their survival packs:

“Bring a pair of doctor’s gloves wherever you go.”

“You never know when you need doctor’s gloves.”

“A roll of gauze, bottle of hydrogen peroxide.”

“Keep an iron lung in your backpack if you can.”

“Stiletto heels.”

“Definitely a mini jaws of life.”

“Space blankets.”

“Fresh pawns.”

“Trench tool.”

“Avalanche radio.”

“Flare gun.”



“Pile driver, for driving piles.”

Me: Oh wow, you guys are prepared for anything. And for surviving in the music world, what advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

Brad: Just believe in yourself and work until you have something that you believe in. Don’t let other people influence whether or not you think that it’s good. If your intuition is telling you it’s good, just believe in yourself.

Then I asked who they would love to invite over for dinner and here were their dream dinner guests:

Brad: Andre 3000

Matt: A young Nelson Mandala, Michael McDonald, and Elvira because I love variety.

Pete: Beetle Juice and Michael Keaton. And Alec Baldwin.

Ben: I would put the Twelve Apostles through a Tough Mudder competition and the first three to finish would get to eat supper with me.

Marty: New York public radio personality Brian Lehrer, Michael Jordan, and Bill Clinton. Actually, screw Bill Clinton. Rick Moranis. Actually, Bill Clinton can still come, but Rick Moranis has to come first.

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