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EVENT | mark.'s 10th Birthday Party

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Last week, I got to attend one of the coolest birthday parties I've ever been to. In celebration of 10 fabulous years, mark. hosted a shindig on the top floor of The Trump SoHo. What a stunning venue. This was the view that had me feeling like I was seriously in heaven:

It was hosted by the brand's newest ambassador Lucy Hale and I was so excited to meet the Pretty Little Liars star. Another special guest was R&B singer Elle Varner, who is mark.'s first cover star featured in their freshly launched "magalogue." The awesome music at the party was provided by DJ Chelsea Leyland.

I was covering the event on behalf of Racked, so I had the fun task of asking party goers a quick question for our Party Bites feature. The question of the night was "What beauty advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?" Check out the full article and see their answers below:

I also got to sit down with mark. Global President Meg Lerner. She gave insight into what drew them to Lucy and what it's like working with such a fabulous brand.

Christina: Why did you approach Lucy Hale to be one of your brand ambassadors?
Meg Lerner: Basically what mark. stands for is a brand. We’re all about empowerment and we really wanted to find strong women who are making a mark in whatever industry or life path they are in. And Lucy really does embody what the mark. brand stands for. She’s an actor, singer, songwriter, she does it all and she does it with grace and a warmth that I don’t think you’d expect from a celebrity. We couldn’t ask for a better partner. In our short time together, she’s been amazing. So it’s really going to be a beautiful collaboration and we’re looking forward to what comes from it.

C: Where did this idea for a “magalogue” come from?

M: Ten years ago when we launched the brand, it was really about bringing an editorial feel to our catalogue. Avon has been around for more than 125 years selling from a brochure, that’s very much sales focused. mark is really about a lifestyle, it’s not just about making a sale. So the magalogue is the perfect combination between a magazine with the editorial content mixed with a catalogue because of the shopability.

C: What are some highlights from over the years?
M: I feel as though over the ten years that mark. has really grown up as a brand. When you think 10 years ago when we launched, it was very tween focused, a much younger target, and the way I look at it is that it’s not about an age, it’s a state of mind. So whether you’re 20 or 80, as long as you want the latest trends and you want it in an unintimidating way, that you can figure out how to put it in your style and make it your own. That’s why the brand is for you. I actually think we’ve been so lucky year on year, we’ve had incredible partnerships, from Lauren Conrad and Ashley Greene. We’ve been very lucky to have wonderful partners who really embody what the brand stands for. 

C: What are your hopes for the future of mark.?

M: I know that we're ten years in and we're going to have the next ten years ahead of us that's just going to be bigger and brighter. We're so looking forward to doing a lot of the same things we've started and we're not going to be losing where we've started. We're going to maintain our roots and our DNA and make it bigger and better. So that's the plan.

With Meg Lerner
Check out some of my party pics:

 How cute is she?!

Elle Varner even sang a special version of Happy Birthday:

And in the spirit of a typical birthday party, we got goody bags!
I'm going to be including one of these items in my next giveaway so keep an eye out!!

Thanks for having me, and happy 10th birthday mark!

- Christina
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