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Osheaga 2013 | C2C

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I randomly came across the song "Delta" by a group that goes by the name C2C earlier this summer and it instantly became one of my favourites on repeat on my iPod. And after looking through all of their other music, I was hooked. Their tracks are so catchy and I can't help but want to dance. So when I heard they were going to be at Osheaga, I got super excited.

Made up of four DJs (20syl, DJ Pfel, DJ Greem, and DJ Atom), C2C is a turntablist band, which means that they use their turntables as their instruments to make awesome music. These guys are champions in the underground turntablism scene, which was fascinating to me. I got to chat with 20syl and DJ Pfel, who gave insight into their debut album, what it's like working together and what makes them happy.

Check out some highlights from the interview:
How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it yet?

Pfel: C2C music is a mix between vintage sound and more organic music. It’s a more electronic and modern sound in the beats as well. So it’s a crossover between the past and future.

What’s it like working together with the four of you?

Pfel: There are four different points of view but it helps to bring the music to the best level we want to reach. It’s a lot of steps during the creation. The turntable is the second step for example. We make a normal production first and then go to the turntable to make it sound different and we scratch the sounds to make things happen. There are lots of different things and discussions to argue about every little thing for hours. Maybe that’s why it took one year to make this album. It’s a great experience to work altogether. We all learn together.

How would you describe your live performance?

Pfel: It’s about four guys behind turntables. We manipulate the sound and the visual as well, with using video. It’s storytelling all along the show with four different shapes. We manipulate the vinyl and the sound and video real-time, so there’s lots of interaction between the sound and visuals. We also move on stage. We try to break all the DJ codes and not stay behind the DJ tables. We make some very new stuff on stage, plus the light show, which it very tight with the sounds.

I really like your song Happy – what makes you guys really happy?

20syl: To finish something. The creative process is cool, but this moment when you put the last notes or maybe the last colour, the last thing, is maybe the thing that makes me happy.

Pfel: The end of the live show, when you’re happy with your performance and you don’t make too many mistakes because we make mistakes sometimes. You can feel happy when the crowd gives you good feedback and wants you to come back on stage for one more song. That’s a good feeling.

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