Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kandle in Toronto

Hey everyone!

Earlier this month I was able to interview the lovely Kandle Osborne before her show at The Drake Hotel, and the article is now up online for Faze Magazine - so I thought I'd share :)

Read the full article HERE

Here's a glimpse into our interview:

Q: You mentioned you were just in Paris - how was that experience?

Kandle: It was lovely. We were there for about three weeks, in France and Switzerland. It was beautiful but the trip started off a bit rough. I was insanely sick right before we left and it just kept getting worse and worse every day and somehow I ended up on a plane unconscious and in a wheel chair. And then as soon as we arrived I had to go right on stage and I collapsed; it was awful. We were opening for Coeur de Pirate again and she’s huge over there so it was a huge show and it was awful for me. That was the first show unfortunately. And then a full recovery and the rest of the tour was amazing. The rest of the venues were a lot smaller but it was really good. We were very well received over there and the French were so nice and opened us with open arms where ever we went and they totally took care of us. People were so into it and it was a great experience.

Q: Moving from BC to Montreal, was that transition difficult at all?

K: It was pretty easy actually. Being from the west coast, as you know, it’s very relaxed and there are a bunch of fun, artsy types everywhere and it’s a similar vibe in Montreal it seems. Everybody is an artist and everybody is doing something interesting. So it was a pretty easy transition actually, except for the French.

Q: What went into the making of your debut EP?

K: It was something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I had a band with my sister and our friend Louise, who is opening for us tonight. I did the majority of the writing in that band but I didn’t really know how to sing yet. I was really insecure, super shy and terrified. So my sister and Louise did most of the singing. And I just had this secret collection of songs I’ve been working on that I just really wanted to keep to myself. I kept saying one day I’m going to make this EP, you’ll all see! So then the other girls got too busy and I was alone and frustrated, knowing I wanted to do music more than anything, so I forced my dad into getting started.

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

K: Definitely out of darkness. I usually write when I am angry or upset and for me, it’s kind of an outlet of how to get rid of dark emotions instead of lingering or holding onto it and ruining my life. All of the bad things that happened, I just want to get it out into music somehow. There’s not really a formula for it, it just happens that way and I’ve just never written a happy song. I’ve written joke songs about my dog and those are happy, but no one needs to hear those, ever.

Be sure to check out her website and follow her on Twitter @KandleOsborne

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