Saturday, October 6, 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: Frankenweenie

With October off to a great start, I can't help but look forward to Halloween - it's always a fun time...who wouldn't want to dress up as anything and everything and eat as much candy as you want??

And when it comes to the spirit of Halloween, there's something about Tim Burton films that seems to go hand in hand - I love his dark and unique style; a little creepy, but still cool. Earlier this week, I went to a press screening of his new 3D black-and-white animated film Frankenweenie and I was pleasantly surprised.

This is a heartwarming tale of the strong friendship between a boy and his dog. 10-year-old Victor Frankenstein and his dog Sparky are best friends, and after a horrible accident, Victor uses science to keep his beloved dog in his life.

Frankenweenie has a cute and creative plot and the characters are all so different - but all with the Tim Burton charm, featuring his signature spindly limbs and giant, sunken eyeballs. I especially love how weird the girl with the cat'll understand once you see the movie.

I definitely recommend this film for a young audience - it's a great family flick and a clever, quirky take on a horror movie.

- Christina
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