Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Photography Post | New York in the Fall

At Ground Zero
During my most recent trip to NYC, I had some free time to explore some of the city and wander around, just enjoying how beautiful it really is, confirming the fact that I need to live there one day. Just thought I'd share some of my artsy photos that I took on those strolls... :)

SOHO, my love.

Walked by the water in the Chelsea area:

^I love this one!
 I'm a sucker for those NYC stairways

I also got to visit the famous Magnolia Bakery (as seen in Sex and the City) and Serendipity 3 (as seen in Serendipity) - such cute places!


 I love Serendipity!!

Oh and side note (since this isn't big enough to be its own post) - just thought I'd share some celeb spottings from that weekend:

Big crowd gathered to see Ricky Martin, who is currently starring on Broadway in Evita

 And courtesy of my mom, who stayed in NY a little longer than I did - she caught a glimpse of Gerard Butler!

I am already anxious to go back - although, my heart goes out to everyone in the city affected by Hurricane Sandy right now :( It's crazy to think I had taken these photos just more than one week before all the flooding...

- Christina
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