Monday, October 29, 2012

TEEN VOGUE FASHION UNIVERSITY 2012 | Part 8: Editors Panel

The last session of Saturday's events was Teen Vogue 101 with Amy Astley and the other Teen Vogue editors. This panel discussion was open for all of us TVFU attendees and everyone was eager to get insight on how to potentially land a dream internship (or job...) in the industry.

Gloria Baume, Elaine Welteroth, Jane Keltner de Valle, Sheena Smith and Andrew Bevan joined Amy Astley in opening the floor to questions from us inspiring fashion writers, stylists, designers, bloggers, etc.

Here are some tips from the pros:

"This is a good time in your life to explore those other opportunities that you won’t get a chance to do when you all of a sudden work in an office everyday" - Sheena Smith

"Take advantage of the fact that you are still a kid, that you have free time, and go and live your life. Be inspired by being a kid. You will one day graduate college and you will one day be in an office. There’s so much pressure on internships as if it’s your only chance to make things happen, and it’s not" - Andrew Bevan

Always give 110% at your internships - your bosses will notice if you are full of positivity or if you are just slacking off. "People always think when you are interning we aren’t paying attention to you, but we are always watching," says Gloria Baume. "The truth is, you need to just learn to never say no. Always try to do your job well, and think ahead."

Use internships and volunteering as opportunities to find out what you don't like. It's always a learning experience. Elaine Welteroth, the new beauty editor, interned in advertising and hated it. "It taught me everything I don’t want in my job," she says. "I was so thankful that I did it before I was out in the real world."

Ultimately, it was such a great experience to get advice straight from the editors themselves. Who knows, maybe I'll get to work for them someday....(kind of scary to think that every other person in that audience is thinking the exact same thing...)

Next up: Topshop soiree, the authors of The Nanny Diaries, Fashion in the Digital Age panel & more!

- Christina
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